Top LinkedIn Marketing tips that work


Top LinkedIn Marketing tips that work

“Top LinkedIn Marketing tips that work”

“LinkedIn is no longer the place where you put your online resume for a job. It’s become your Digital Reputation.”
LinkedIn has over 660 million users worldwide. t has become one of the major social media websites for business enthusiasts looking to discover people with similar business interests. People from all across the world connect via LinkedIn to build business connections, boost their profile, searching for new job & business opportunities, and many more things.

Gone are the days when people used LinkedIn to upload their resume and search for jobs. Nowadays, organizations, professionals, and job enthusiasts use LinkedIn as a source of professional networking, improve brand awareness, build your network, boost leads, increase revenue, and conversions, etc. 
You are missing a lot if you ain’t harnessing the complete potential of LinkedIn for your business. It is an extremely powerful business tool with a lot of potential. LinkedIn is the number one place to meet & communicate with business clients, form professional relationships, and build clients for your freelancing success. In this blog, we will be discussing the top LinkedIn marketing tips that can efficiently improve your brand identity and make you stand out amidst the mass competition.

First, let’s discuss
Is LinkedIn effective?
Yes, definitely. Let us give you some eye-opening statistics that will let you know what you’ve been missing:
● 675+ million active users per month
● Most used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies
● Microsoft paid $26.2 billion for LinkedIn in 2016
● Out of 2 billion Millennial, 87 million are on LinkedIn
● 63 million unique monthly mobile users
● LinkedIn’s lead conversions are 3X higher than other major ad platforms
● LinkedIn is the second most popular B2B platform after Facebook

Valuable Tips for LinkedIn Marketing
● Set Up an effective LinkedIn Company Page

The first tip for LinkedIn Marketing is creating a business page. This step is as important as having a website as this page will represent you on LinkedIn. Here’s how you can create an effective LinkedIn Page:
▪ On LinkedIn Homepage, click on the work icon
▪ Select the “create a company page” and choose the perfect option for your page that fits your business. Some of the choices are; small business, medium to large business, and education institution, finance company, etc
▪ Carefully fill out the page identity, company, and profile details. 
▪ After filling in all the information, verify yourself by ticking the verify checkbox
▪ Now, select the “Create Page” message.

Tip- Don’t leave your page as it is. Continue to update about info, experience, re-arrange page elements, experiment something new, and more to keep the page relevant & updated. You would want the visitors to think of yourself as active in case they want to contact you for a business query. Try using as many relevant keywords as possible as it will provide you higher visibility on the LinkedIn Search Engine. 

● Regular devotion
LinkedIn is a great place for your social media marketing campaigns. Marketing is just like a skill that polishes with practice. Trying to do all the work in one day isn’t possible. Remember, your CV took not one, but years of hard work to become what it is. Thus, you need to devote regularly to LinkedIn to make it effective. Post engaging content, connect with other businesses and professionals in your business horizon and communicate on other people’s posts. 
This will assist maintain your visibility on the social media platform and build up relevant connections, leads, and business prospects. 

● Publishing Captivating Content
One mistake that most companies make is they create professional content that fails to hit the mark in the audience’s eyes and they keep scrolling without even bothering looking at your company’s profile. 
You need to regularly create captivating, relatable, and engaging content that makes the audience stare and read until the end. Such posts boosts your brand’s relevancy, search engine rankings, and increases the chances of gaining leads. Use relevant hashtags, images, conversational language, and videos, to engage the audience. 

The top ways to create and manage an optimized LinkedIn page is through the hands of the best marketing company. Or you can connect with us, Uniworld Studios, a Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon. We bring over five years of expertise across different horizons of Digital Marketing and can efficiently manage all your social media handles with guaranteed conversions. 

● Analyze Competitor’s Pages
One of the best ways to strengthen your social media marketing is by effective analysis of your competitor’s LinkedIn company pages and creating your LinkedIn marketing strategy accordingly. You only need to upbeat your competitors to attract business prospects towards your organization rather than the competitors. 

Carefully check out how they manage their content, keep the audience happy, and increase their followers. There are plenty of business tools that will provide you deep insights into the comparison between you and your competitor’s pages. 

● Keep promoting your LinkedIn handle
All your efforts, time, and money would go to waste if there aren’t people to read, engage, and share the content your company creates. Thus, keep promoting your company’s social media handle by various prospects such as:
1.Encouraging employees to follow and share the company’s LinkedIn page
2.Including the LinkedIn social media link on your company website
3.Include the LinkedIn follow button in your email signature and newsletters to make your audience aware about your LinkedIn presence. 

● Industry-related blog posts and content
Research suggests that more than 10 million articles are shared on LinkedIn annually. The posts with headings “Industry trends”, and “How to” were the most popular amongst the audiences. 
The criteria suggest that LinkedIn users are more likely to educate themselves about relevant industry trends. Thus, why not provide them with the same, as they are the ones ultimately consuming the content. Such information can help create and formulate engaging content and blog post ideas for efficient LinkedIn marketing. 

● Images and Videos
LinkedIn is no Instagram but there’s no hiding the fact that people are more likely to engage on image and video content. Your LinkedIn content needs to be a perfect combination of texts, images, PPTs, and video content to enrich the audiences with attractive content. 

Properly Using LinkedIn
Here are some additional tips that will help create a unique business profile on LinkedIn
● Customize and shorten your public profile URL
● Set a clean, crisp background photo to highlight your profile. 
● Add a ProFinder Badge to boost your freelance profile
● Search Engine Optimize your profile with the use of relevant keywords and hashtags
● Rearrange the sections of your profile starting from the most relevant sections. 
● List job opportunities, recruit new talents
● Use LinkedIn premium for utilizing benefits such as checking out who all have viewed your profile
● Experiment with LinkedIn ads
● Check your LinkedIn marketing score

One of the most proficient marketers, Beth Cornstock says, “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” 
LinkedIn is the perfect place to share your business’ inspiring tales, industry-related content, connect with the audience, and find educated professionals for your business operations. It modernizes B2B marketing efficiently and its optimum utility allows you to boost business growth and opportunities. If you found the content interesting, share it with others, and let them know the importance of LinkedIn Marketing and tips to make your LinkedIn strategy successful. 

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