Life Cycle of Digital Marketing Campaigns


Life Cycle of Digital Marketing Campaigns

“Life Cycle of Digital Marketing Campaigns”

“Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.

Digital Marketing has flourished over the past few years and has become one of the most practiced brand marketing strategies used by companies across industries. This is so because an average user spends twice the time online than the time when the internet made its way in our lives.

A Digital Marketing campaign is a strategy that needs to be prepared to execute a successful marketing campaign. Understanding all functionalities of Digital Marketing can be quite complex. However, we have broken down the stages of a Digital Marketing campaign into easily understandable pieces. Read on to know the life cycle of a Digital Marketing Campaign. 

How is Digital marketing important in today’s world ?

Digital marketing is the marketing that requires the use of modern means such as the internet, mobile phones, and digital media to promote the product/services which help in reaching the target audience.

Did you know? Research shows that an average human spends about 23.5 hours a week surfing the internet. Businesses need digital marketing to grow business and succeed amid their competition. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution that enhances brand recognition and builds customer trust in the market. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing-

Provides business growth- Almost everybody uses a smartphone in today’s date. Businesses can reach a larger audience that helps in bringing more people towards the brand/company.

Brand reputation- Brand reputation shows the trust of the brand that the consumers have. An effective Digital Marketing Campaign enhances brand recognition and reputation.


Reaches mobile users- There are about 3.5 billion smartphone users today which is about 44.87% of the total population of the world. Marketing digitally is the best way to reach people in a click.

The different stages of Digital Marketing Campaign:

Let’s discuss the different stages involved in a Digital Marketing Campaign 

Step 1- Think, Plan, and set up the strategy (0-3 Months) Make a goal or the target about the business objectives you are willing to achieve. Make sure you write it down on a piece of paper. Invest your time in building an online presence/environment, gain followers on social media, generate brand mentions, and try to gain new leads. 

Step 2- Traction (4-9 Months)

This is another important step after setting up the marketing strategy. This stage includes the need to smartly build your relationship with the consumers. Try to interact with them and answer their queries, concerns, or issues and make a key point to collect data that will help your business in the longer run.

Step 3- Positioning your brand (10-15 Months)

There is so much competition nowadays. Businesses are continually trying to fish for the top spot in the market. Marketing is a long process and takes real-time and efforts to establish or position yourself on the internet today. While you implement this step, you will boost up on sales, revenue, brand loyalty, and lasting trust among the consumers.

Step 4- Expanding your business (16-27+ Months)

Business expansion involves the presence of patience, determination, hard-work, and continuous efforts. To expand your business, you need to measure the success of the current campaign strategy that figures out the improvements to be made and helps you in gaining brand power, secure a higher position on the search engine, etc.

Step 5-Stay determined on your goal leaving the comfort-At this stage, clients usually refuse to leave their comfort zone and often feel that whatever strategies, or ideas, or the process they are implementing is working in the right way and do not accept to adapt/change. The digital marketing world is vibrant and ever-changing, so one should keep in mind to make strategies and never forget the goal that you have planned to achieve in staying positive & open-minded.

Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns-

The different types of Digital marketing campaigns include:

1. Customer acquisition campaign

This kind of campaign helps in reaching people who have not yet heard about your entity or business.

● Search Engine Optimization- also known as SEO, it’s a marketing effort that ensures that your site is visible on google’s organic search results making it appear or rank at the top. so make sure you invest in a more holistic and rounded approach.

● Pay per Clicks (PPC's)-Another method is through PPC and is a costly method, analyze the keywords that will attract the audience.

● Use of Social Media- We all use social media to stay connected to our far-off friends and relatives across the country and around different continents. Amongst research, 3 out of 4 users use social media accounts. The Social Media platforms are Facebook, Instagram that generally targets the young audience or the children, and LinkedIn that targets people based on job or other related aspects.

● Marketing with a Video technique- Don’t you open up a video that just pops up on your screen? Or sometimes the video starts to play by itself showcasing some of their products. It helps in providing more sales or help in building up the audience based on their interest.

● Online PR- Ever noticed that you get suggestions while you are on a page. This is based on your search activities and search engine shows you ads based on the same. 

2. Conversion Campaigns- sometimes you might receive a lot of traffic on our webpage but lie unable to convert it into sales. Thus, to improve this, you need to look into the aspects as to why we are lacking.

● Content- Great content is the key so make sure that you make your content unique and informative

● Call to Action- CTAs are what motivates people to take action regarding your products and services. These are the highlighted buttons that help in bringing up people and generate or boost your business.

● Compatibility of the device- Make sure that you built a site that is user friendly and can view easily sitting at the ease of comfort at any part of the world.

3. The retention campaign

Email Marketing- Emailing is still one of the best ways to stay connected with customers or consumers.

Blogging- It is the best way to keep your consumers up to date and feel connected.

The reason why Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail?

1. Not using the keywords well- When we do not use proper keywords that the audience is generally looking for then we tend to miss the opportunity and the entire campaign ends up failing.

2. Lack of experience in this area- When the person is inexperienced they make mistakes because they are not aware of the outcomes that could have/ happen. This is another big reason for the failure in the marketing campaigns.

3. The sales and marketing team in your organization is not well aligned- When there is a lack of coordination and communication, there will be a gap between marketing & sales. Thus, we need to see that the concept of “marketing” takes place which aligns both the marketing and sales team in gaining revenue.

4. Not researching the buyer personas- Knowing what people will like or not like is the biggest question that arises. Make sure that conducting research will help in determining and analyzing the factors which will influence or make the customer invest in a particular product or service.

5. The content was not delivered at the right time- One of the most important aspects is to deliver the required information to the buyer at the correct time. Otherwise, the audience will move to some other idea or change their mind.

6. Conveying the wrong message: marketing message and content go hand in hand as you need to highlight or work on the pain areas of the audience. Make sure that you use words or phrases that appeal to them.

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Preplanning a Digital Marketing Campaign is a necessary process that assists in the successful execution of the same. Without a strategy, a marketing plan cannot be successful. We hope you were able to get answers to your queries in the blog. If you liked the blog, share it with others. 

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